What FoBRA does for the residents of Bath

FoBRA is the main representative voice for residents' groups in Bath.

We meet regularly with Council leaders, elected members, officers, the Police and the business community to make them aware of the views of Bath residents and to try and ensure that  they take our concerns into account.

The FoBRA committee comprises members of all member associations and meets 6-7 times a year.
Thu Jul 16th 2015 6:30 pm
Widcombe Junior School
Tue May 12th 2015 6:30 pm
Widcombe Junior School

Observers are welcome to attend FoBRA committee meetings. Click here to view the arrangements for observers.


 Letter to Don Foster

FoBRA wrote to Don Foster MP on 7th Feb about traffic pollution and the Council's powers to deal with this.  See "Papers" for its text.

Chronicle letter on FoBRA and Transport

FoBRA wrote to the Chronicle about its role and about transport in Bath, in answer to a letter by Mr Peter Burns of Weston.  This was published in the 15th Jan issue and can be seen under "Papers".


We warmly welcome the Council's adoption, on 13th Nov, of the Bath Transport Strategy.  This is a key opportunity to begin tackling the serious problems of traffic congestion and air pollution in the city.

Winter Reception Tuesday 20th Jan 2015

FoBRA held its usual Winter Reception in Victoria Art Gallery on Tuesday 20th Jan 2015, with guests from the Council, Police, the Business Community and Parliamentary candidates.


We have secured the Council's agreement to a further detailed engagement with key stakeholders before the Council consults generally on the Placemaking Plan. We have urged them to set out a vision for the city centre, to address the problems of congestion, pollution and student housing, to require development of brownfield land before greenfield, and to promulgate space standards for housing.

We are keeping a close watch on proposed developments at the Recreation Ground and Bath Quays Waterside.